What is a tat? (Temporary Airbrusth Tattoo T. A. T.)

It's is a tattoo applied using a stencil and an airbrush to spray full color cosmetic ink that has the appearance of a real tattoo without the pain or regret.


Is it painfull?

Airbrush temporary tattoos DO NOT hurt, in fact many
describe the sensation as a “COOL TICKLE.”


How is an airbrush tattoo applied?

 First the area where it will be applied to is cleaned with alcohol. Then, using a stencil and an airbrush, the design is sprayed onto the skin. Finally a dusting of powder and you are ready to go. The whole process takes less than 3 minutes. They are applied to the surface of the skin by placing a stencil to the skin and delivering the temporary tattoo ink with an airbrush. Unlike temporary transfer tattoos, the artist can control elements of the temporary tattoo while it is being produced, which is more in tune with the true permanent tattoo experience


How long do tat's last?

Approximately 2-10 days but it's different for everyone. It depends on your skin type and how you care for your Tat. How rapidly your skin exfoliates, the oiliness of your skin and where you apply your tat to your body are all factors affecting the life of your Tat.  If needed they can be removed quickly using rubbing alcohol. If it is applied where clothing may rub it will limit the life span of the tattoo. The temporary tattoos last longer on dry skin types compared to oily skin.


 Is it waterproof? 

For the most part yes. After the temporary tattoo is applied, care must be taken not to apply any oils or lotion to the area. Also, after bathing, the area should be patted dry, avoid rubbing. Each person is given a tattoo care card that has instructions on how to care for the tattoo.


How do you take care of them?

- Avoid oils, lotions, alcohol, and soaps
- Avoid scrubbing and rubbing
- Keep tight clothing from rubbing on tattoo
- After you shower, bath or swim, gently pat dry with a towel and then apply
baby powder or corn starch
 - Powder before sleeping and after bathing
- Do not use insect repellents, creams or lotions on your tat
- Do not shave over tattoo


 How do I remove it?

Use rubbing alcohol or baby oil


 Is the paint non toxic?

 Yes, and is completely safe to use on the skin. However it is not advised to use on the face as if accidentally sprayed into the eyes it may irritate. The paint has been formulated by a qualified cosmetic chemist. It is Alcohol based and all ingredients are cosmetic and food grade materials being of a nontoxic nature.


Do you have a business storefront?

We are specifically a mobile business and do not have a physical store to visit in Salem Oregon. We come to you. There are websites where our business listing is accompanied with a map. They are simply depicting a location relative to our home base. The best way experience what we have to offer is to visit us in person. Our Events page lists our currently scheduled appearances and we would be happy to talk to you about being a part of your next party or event entertainment.





Face Painting



 Are your paints safe for use on skin? What products do you use?


Yes. We use ONLY professional quality, non-toxic, cosmetic grade paints and glitters that are FDA compliant and are designed for use
on all skin types. TAG, Snazaroo, Paradise by Mehron, Diamond FX, and Wolfe Brothers professional, water-based face and body paints are the brands we use. 


How do you remove face paint?

Face paint is formulated for easy removal with mild soap and water. Light colors come off with just a baby wipe. Some darker colors will linger. If this happens use a washcloth with soap or cold cream. Should the paint get on clothes, use OxyClean or stain pre-treated along with regular laundry soap.  Baby oil or essential/natural oils work great too, but are not necessary. For small designs, baby wipes
work great if you need to remove a design on the go!


How is it applied?

We use brushes, sponges and airbrushes to apply our face paint. Some are brushed while other we will use a stencil and airbrush to get
the effect you want.
For parties outside Salem Oregon there may be a small mileage fee.